At Big TV we use Sony professional cameras for ultimate reliability and superior image quality, but even the finest equipment needs the skills of an experienced cameraman to produce the results you deserve.

Each Big TV cameraman is an expert in outdoor filming, concerts, documentary shooting and promotional pop videos, able to capture the vibrancy and atmosphere of your event. Of course, lighting, sound mixing and VT editing can all enhance the final images, but the cameraman is the linchpin responsible for the fundamental quality of every Big TV production. Specifications for two of the Sony Broadcast cameras preferred by our cameramen are shown below.

The Sony PMW-350

The PMW-350 extends the multiple award-winning XDCAM EX Solid State Recording product family with a new shoulder mount design and cutting edge new three 2/3 inch-type Exmor full-HD CMOS sensors. The PMW-350 offers all the advanced creative recording features of the PMW-EX1R compact camcorder, plus enhancements such as a Scene File System and 4 channel audio.

Full specificaton


The Sony PMW-EX3

These cameras are used solely for on-stage and hand-held filming. Used wirelessly with our short range IDX wireless system, means they're lightweight and our camera man can move around easily on stage without trailing cables which can pose a health and safety risk.

Wireless links

We can supply Gigawave wireless digital and analogue links alongside camera and screen hire for your event. These can be used as a clip-on system to operate cameras wirelessly or as a point to point link to send video and audio feeds between screens. They can be a useful addition to any event, particularly if the alternative is to run cables over a long distance.

We also have a short range IDX Wireless system used with our on-stage EX3 cameras.

Mike Walker

Big-TV's cameraman/editor Mike Walker is a Fellow of the Institute of Videography, the highest possible qualification of the IOV the UK's longest established organisation representing all video professionals. Mike has also won one of the top awards in the Institute's Best Corporate Video category.

Mike has many years experience filming different types of live events such as music concerts, shows, live sport including football and rugby league, corporate events, seminars, press conferences, council led outdoor events like Christmas lights switch- on's and even protest marches through the center of London.


We understand that every event is different, some simply require one camera to film the basics while others benefit from a 3 or more camera shoot.

Chris Dell

Cameraman/Editor Chris is a Master Member of the Institute of Videography, achieving 3rd place in their Best Corporate Video Awards in 2009. He is also a member of BECTU.

With 25 years in the industry, Chris has a wealth of experience in filming conferences, live events, motor sports, news, corporate productions, training and web videos. Over the years he's worked with us on mass participation sporting events, live concerts and outdoor productions, plus outdoor events with councils, scouts and girl guides such as Christmas light switch-ons, Remembrance Day memorials and UK School Games ceremonies.

Dave Utley

Big-TV's cameraman/editor Dave Utley has been in the industry for many years filming for local and national news from Look North and Calendar to ITN and Reuters for Sky Sports and News. He has also been involved in documentary filming.

Dave has a vast experience in filming outdoor events such as Race for Life, fund raising marathons for Cancer Research in London and Sheffield, the Great North Run, Save the Children, Bollywood, Remembrance Day, Scouts Jamboree, Pop concerts, corporate productions, live events, pop promos and conferences. He also has experience shooting sports such as rugby, football, boxing, kickboxing and motor sport.

Dave also holds the (CRB) Criminal Records Bureau accreditation.