Light Emitting Diodes are the very best for displaying
visual content on big mobile or modular screens.

Big TV LED Screens are used both outdoors in sunshine and indoors, often under bright floodlights. None of the other types of image generator - LCD, CRT, Plasma or Projector Screen - is suitable for this demanding task. Only LED offers the brightness, colour saturation, contrast and (very importantly) the wide viewing angle required by a large audience.

Light Emitting Diodes (LED) are exactly what they say. They emit light rather than reflect it and are therefore many times brighter than other technologies. Diodes are one-way electronic semiconductors; they respond rapidly to being switched on and off (as occurs in moving images) and they do not lose their colour if a drop in electrical current occurs. These characteristics are invaluable in Big TV applications.


Big TV delivers High Definition-type quality which far exceeds previous LED screens such as Jumbotron.

Big TV takes advantage of the latest Mitsubishi OD10 screen technology. Each pixel comprises RRGB LEDs, combining with others to create dynamic pixels (DP), and the resulting DPs render an HQ quasi-HD image.


Colours are much truer to life, particularly red which tends to show as 'hot pink' on lower quality screens.

Big TV's Mitsubishi OD10 utilises Colour Space Conversion (CSC) to compensate for oversaturation.


This arrangement maintains vivid colours in bright sunlight. It is particularly helpful for viewers who have to look up at the screen.

Big TV's Mitsubishi OD10 outdoor screens use individual louvres (or "eyelids") which cover each LED individually, rather than less sophisticated designs in which the louvre covers a whole group of LEDs.