More and more, Big TV is being asked to liaise with major broadcasters on important outside broadcast events.

This might at first seem surprising because some of these TV companies have many decades of outside broadcast experience with their own dedicated units.

But Big TV's expertise slots in neatly with that of other highly professional organizations such as the BBC, ITV, Sky and Setanta Sports - all of whom we've worked with recently.

We expect our outside broadcast activities to become more frequent as broadcasters seek to deliver better value to their advertisers, licence payers, shareholders and sponsors in an increasingly competitive environment.

Big TV's comprehensive skill-base and fast reaction times mean that large national and international companies can acquire additional outside broadcast capacity as and when they need it, rather than increasing their fixed costs.

Our Mobile Screens are entirely self-contained and self-sufficient. We travel in the UK and across Europe for events, once on site the screens can be deployed in 10 minutes.

The digital broadcasting revolution has created a demand for Big TV's positive, 'can-do' approach to staging and recording events such as political meetings, sporting occasions and civic displays. Our Case Studies section not only gives you an idea of the great variety of our Big Screen and outside broadcast abilities, it also shows you our total flexibility and willingness to go that extra mile.

As we approach the Summer Olympics of 2012 we can expect to see a massive increase in spectator sport throughout Europe and, of course, particularly in Britain.

Big TV is uniquely poised to help the flagship TV stations of countries worldwide in what will certainly be the highest intensity of outside broadcast activity ever seen in the United Kingdom.

And let's not forget the enormous opportunities for Advertising & Sponsorship which present themselves.

We respectfully remind all present and future partners that good planning will be well rewarded - 2012 will be here before you know it!

Mobile units such as Big TV are undoubtedly the way forward as the action moves away from a fixed studio environment and into the outside broadcast arena.

All the magnificent new stadia, pools, courts and velodromes which are taking shape in England cannot hold even a fraction of the avid spectators who want to see events live, so thousands will rely on Big TV to provide a 'just-like-you're-there' feel. And we're sure we'll be up to this demanding task because of increased staffing, extra training, even greater investment in cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art vehicles... all resulting in the finest outside broadcast experience ever!

Our attention to detail, excellent communications and outstanding value for money will ensure that your outside broadcast will be something very special to remember.

Power Generator

'We've got the power' with our power plant generator on the Big TV Mobile LED Trucks. The generator allows you to power additional lighting and equipment anywhere, anytime.

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