The Big TV truck has its own built in power plant. This means that we are not restricted by power supplies to operate our equipment and even YOUR equipment.

Many of our clients have additional lighting, sound and other equipment that needs a power source. Rather than limit yourselves to venue by restricted power supplies, talk to us about your power requirements and we can provide you with what you need. Of course we'd need to make sure we knew what you intended to power with our power plant, but rest assured "We've got the power!" and we're happy to share it.

Generator Technical Information

The power plant can also be used to supply power to other equipment via a 3 phase 125 amp c form outlet with bracer.


  • 100 KVA to a MAX of 144 KVA @ 50HZ
  • 3 phase
  • Fuel type Diesel runs at around 25.5L/h [6.7gal/hr]

Full specificaton


SDMO is the market leader in France and is the third biggest player worldwide in the generating market.

SDMO generators are safe, powerful and highly regarded in the industry.