Newtek VT[5]

VT[5] provides the tools you need for live and post-production: live video switching with completely integrated virtual sets, real-time keying, titling and audio mixing, plus HD/SD editing, DVD authoring, 2D video paint and animation.

With VT[5] your investment is 100% productive, when it’s not in use for live production the VT[5] is equally at home for post production. VT[5] switcher offers up to 32 external inputs, virtual LiveSet™ technology, multiple DDRs, CG Designer™ for titling, video paint for animation and comes standard with SpeedEDIT™, an ultra-fast non-linear multi-format HD/SD editor.

VT[5] is designed to deliver amazing video production at an unprecedented price.

Live Switching

  • Add up to 32 external inputs using SX-84 and SX-SDI expansion modules
  • 16:9 wide-screen and 4:3 support
  • Advanced matte capabilities for luminance and chroma keying with adjustable controls for spill removal, tolerance, smoothness and garbage matte removal
  • Key settings are stored for each camera input
  • Key preview is visible before you take it live
  • LiveSet™ real-time virtual studio enviroments with multiple camera angles and focal lengths, real-time shadows, reflections, lighting and more
  • Support for transitions between virtual sets
  • LiveSet Constructor™ utility to create up-stream key graphics, virtual sets, fixed background keys and more
  • Upstream effects bus for double-box interviews and picture-in-picture effects
  • Hundreds of reversible DVEs (Fades, Wipes, Curls, Trajectories, Rotation, Compression, Borders, Chroma FX, Overlays and much more…)
  • 2D and 3D DVE Transitions
  • iVGA™ adds external computer displays (Mac & PC) as a switcher channel with multiple input selection
  • Integrated DSK with both take and fade in/out
  • Titling, graphics, videos and animations directly assigned to switcher buses
  • Dynamic switcher buses allow reconfiguration (no need to re-cable the video inputs)
  • Save/load switcher configuration

Internet streaming

  • One button Internet streaming
  • Push and pull streaming
  • Windows Media encoder

Titling or Character Generator

CG Designer™

  • Save As Title Template feature to createLive Title Templates for VT[5] and TriCaster™
  • WYSIWYG editing
  • Interactive template based CG module
  • Display Program output within CG interface
  • Use any installed TrueType font
  • Powerful drawing tools
  • Create and insert graphic objects (boxes, circles, splines, images)
  • Save pages as 32-bit images or animations
  • Save or recall text styles

Digital Disk Recorder (VT-DDR™)

  • Multi-format, multi-standard on-screen video player
  • Play back a single clip or list of clips
  • Cue clips to roll instantly when triggered by Switcher
  • Use multiple DDRs simultaneously
  • DDR can be assigned to the Downstream Keyer (DSK) providing live animated overlays
  • Count up or count down in either project time or clip time
  • Record program out to hard drive either as a DV file or uncompressed

External Controller

  • Control external RS-422 and DV decks from your VT[5] desktop
  • Batch capture deck lists and configurations
  • Record allows user to enter time code settings

Audio Mixer (using SX-84 expanison box)

  • Mix 8 live sources (stereo) and 8 online sources (4-channel)
  • 4 adjustable XLR balanced mic/line inputs with Phantom power
  • 6 stereo unbalanced audio inputs from live sources
  • 8 inputs from computer sources
  • DV and SDI audio inputs
  • EQ, balance, mute and mono for all inputs
  • Audio-follows-video capability
  • Talk over (reduces mix levels for mic inputs)
  • Automated mixing to transition between audio presets
  • 4-channel audio (4 discrete channels) in and out
  • PA Mix Output: for live PA or control room feed

Signal correction

Proc Amp

  • Brightness, contrast, hue, saturation
  • U offset, V offset, U gain, V gain
  • Calibrate computer sources as well as analog sources
  • Advanced panel with 70+ adjustable parameters
  • Auto calibration for 75 IRE bars, 100 IRE bars and video pass-through mode (requires SX-84™)

Video Scope

Waveform Monitor

  • Waveform of Y/V, Y, C, YUV or RGB
  • Vectorscope at either 75% or 100% chroma
  • Monitor program or preview feeds
  • Adjustable display brightness and tint

Video Monitors

  • Full-field on-screen playback on computer monitor
  • Monitor program, preview, key or DSK buses
  • Display supports 4:3 and 16:9 widescreen
  • Underscan mode
  • Zebra stripes for both 75 IRE and over-legal video
  • YUV video display
  • Adjustments to match computer display to reference video monitors

Non-linear video editing


  • Resolution independent: output any frame-rate, any resolution, any aspect ratio
  • Multi-format, mix AVI, QuickTime, MPEG1, MPEG2
  • Combine HD and SD clips on timeline
  • Native editing of HDV and DVCPro HD
  • Internally processes all clips in HD with full-res, real-time HD previews
  • MXF Support (depends on codecs)
  • WMV HD and VC-1 output
  • White Balance correction and real-time 3-wheel color correction
  • 4-band color selection
  • CG Post™ animated titling
  • VST™ Audio plug-in support
  • Optimized for Dual-core and Quad-core systems
  • Linked timeline and storyboard editing
  • Edits in native formats
  • Hundreds of real-time transitions
  • Real-time slow motion and reverse
  • Real-time video and audio filters
  • Real-time 3D position, size and rotation
  • Real-time TGA sequence playback
  • Real-time chroma and luma keying with spill suppression
  • Real-time mixing of unlimited audio layers
  • Spline-based control of all clip properties
  • 3D audio positioning
  • EDL import/export (Grass Valley, CMX, Sony, Excel)
  • Unlimited Undo/Redo saved with project
  • Project backup tool
  • Intelligent background rendering
  • Real time FireWire in/out and SD video in/out up to uncompressed signal

2D Video painting and animation

Aura Video Paint™

  • Amazingly fast 2D paint and animation engine
  • Paint over live video
  • Four-point pixel tracking
  • 3D compositing
  • Stroke recorder
  • Instantly use a graphic alpha channel
  • Animate text along path

DVD Authoring

  • U-Lead DVD Workshop
  • Complete DVD authoring
  • Direct encoding from a VT-Edit projects.
  • Instant DVD Project playback
  • MPEG-2 encoding
  • MPEG-2 decoding


VT Card

  • 1 in & out Component YUV or Y/C and composite
  • 1 in & out unbalanced stereo audio
  • DV inputs and real time DV output (requires IEEE1394 OHCI compliant I/O)
  • Native program output to projector up to QSXGA (2560×2048)
  • Genlock input
  • Alpha out / preview out

SX-84™ Expansion Box

(included with VT[5] Live!™)

  • 8 component inputs
  • 8 Y/C inputs
  • Up to 24 composite inputs
  • 4 component or 4 Y/C outputs
  • 4 composite outputs
  • 1 composite preview/alpha-channel output
  • 4 XLR balanced audio inputs (trim control between mic and line levels)
  • 6 stereo unbalanced line inputs
  • 4 balanced line outputs
  • 4 unbalanced line outputs
  • 2 control room/P.A. outputs
  • Aux send and return (stereo)
  • 3 RS-422 machine control ports
  • Genlock with loop-thru
  • Tally light and GPI support

SX-SDI™ Expansion Box (optional)

  • 8 SDI video inputs
  • 1 SDI program output, 1 SDI preview and 5 SDI routed outputs
  • Audio AES EBU or Embedded 1 input/1 output

VT[5] Supported File Formats

Video Formats:

  • AVI, DV, RTV, MPEG1, MPEG2 Program Stream, MPEG2 Transport Stream, HDV, Quicktime® (with alpha support), MPEG4
    (including PSP and iPod), Image sequences, Flash, WMV HD (Render only) and VC-1.

Graphic formats:

  • JPG, JPEG, PNG, Targa (TGA), Tiff, BMP, WBMP, PCX (alpha-channel support for Targa and PNG)

Audio Formats: